Katell Le Bourdonnec is a French artist.

« I strongly believe in the beauty of everyday life. I also think that this beauty can be enhanced in many ways. Creating art allows me to explore other territories aligned with my vision of a more beautiful world.

As a child my parents were always taking me to fine art museums where I developed a passion for the European masters and for the Orientalists in particular. The images in their paintings fueled my desire to discover distant lands. As an adult I had numerous opportunities to travel throughout the world which further ignited my love of different cultures.

I like to create art that is colorful and exotic, the essence of which is joyful and edenic. I’m particularly touched by the beauty of women and the beauty of flowers. They have become my main subject matter.

Today I mostly paint and make collages. I am continually collecting all types of papers. They come from the walls in the streets of Paris, from magazines, from antique fairs and flea markets, and from everywhere I travel. »